Courier Snapshot

I'm Tony and I’ve been with Pace for 6 years now as a contractor courier covering the greater Auckland area with point to point services. Being an urgent courier is all about deadlines, doing whatever you can to meet them!

My day starts early; I leave home at 6.30am in my van and do my regular run for one of our customers which takes a couple of hours. Then it’s straight back into the fleet to take whatever jobs come in that day.

Our dispatch call centre takes the bookings and then allocate to whichever drivers are closest. As a main driver covering the greater Auckland area I can do 25 to 30 jobs per day, but the city guys can do 40 or 50.

Often I’ll have multiple jobs, so there is a lot of planning and prioritising which job to do first and how to avoid the worst of the Auckland traffic. Sometimes it’s pretty stressful but I pretty much know every short cut you can think of! We use the latest technology to ensure we are able to keep track of what’s happening with the traffic, GPS, RT and PDA system. The other couriers are great at letting each other know what the traffic is doing that day.

As a contractor I essentially run my own business and am paid per job rather than a regular salary, I love this way of working as it’s up to me how many jobs I take that day and I can take time out if I need to. No two days are the same and I’m not stuck behind a desk in an office. What really keeps me motivated is the challenge of getting the item to the customer within the specified time frame. Much of the time I’m working by myself but there is still plenty of people contact in the job with customers, other couriers and the team at Pace head office.

Being a courier is a challenging but rewarding job. It’s fast paced and you need to be able to cover the start up and ongoing costs, including financing the van, equipment, decals, fuel and vehicle maintenance and you also have to be confident in managing your own business. If you’re prepared to work hard and put in the effort you can make a good living and successful business out of being a courier. I do and absolutely love it!